Focus on Fathers Part One

It’s Father’s Day weekend and I want to share a video of my husband and me discussing fathers. In this video, we discuss the example that fathers have and the ways they should set an example for the next generation. I hope you enjoy our discussion and that you share it with the fathers in your life!

Scroll down for the video or check out the audio only on my podcast:

Focus on Fathers Part Two The Cheri Gamble Podcast

On this episode, Cheri interviews LifePlan Executive Director, Lyndon Azcuna about the topic of fatherhood. They discuss the challenges facing fathers today, how the Gospel speaks into those challenges and practical suggestions for today's fathers. 
  1. Focus on Fathers Part Two
  2. Focus on Fathers Part One
  3. Encourage One Another
  4. Marriage Advice with Tom & Cheri
  5. Spiritual Disciplines: Worship

Have a great Father’s Day!


Skip ahead to 17.37 for the interview!


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