Spiritual Disciplines: Service

This is the last one of our series and it is on SERVICE! Something to keep in mind: service is not an act we do, it is a reflection of who we are — a servant of Jesus Christ! Everything we do should be done in service to Christ — He is the one we are ultimately serving!

There’s lots more I could say here, but then there would be no reason for you to watch the video . . .

Before I go, in case you didn’t know, I wrote a short book on service called “Simply Serve”. In it, I talk more about what it means to serve your family and community and give some practical ways that you can make a difference — simply by serving (hence the title “Simply Serve” 🙂 ) If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, click on the picture at the end of this post. Thanks!!

Thank you for joining us for this series! We had a lot of fun filming these — I hope you were able to be encouraged by them.

Have a great day!


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