Football Themed Bible Reading Plan

Let’s have a little football fun with our Bible reading this week! This post has a one-week Bible reading plan that follows a football theme — perfect for those of you who are getting ready to watch the Superbowl! Scroll down to see the plan and ideas for activities or print off the printable and let your kids color and draw as they read this week . . . or do both!

I hope you enjoy this plan . . . feel free to send or share pics of your kids using this plan in our facebook group or on my facebook page!

Enjoy . . . and keep serving Jesus!


Day One – The Draft

Before the football season begins, the teams select their players — and many players are chosen through the draft. Once they are drafted, they join their team where they are expected to learn the plays and do what their coaches require. They learn to work with their teammates with the ultimate goal of winning games and making it to the Superbowl.

Our Bible reading this week begins with a similar “Draft”. When Jesus was beginning His earthly ministry, He, too, chose a “team”. We call this team the 12 disciples. This week we are going to follow one of Jesus’s picks — Peter. Today, let’s look at the day Peter was drafted.

Read Matthew 4:18-20. What was Peter’s response when Jesus asked him to join his team? Have you joined Jesus’s team yet? Tell someone about it!

To Do: When someone is drafted, they often immediately put on a hat or jersey to represent their new team. Design your own hat, jersey, banner or flag to represent Jesus’s team!

Day Two – The Fumble

Nobody wants to fumble during a football game. A fumble is when someone drops the ball, making it possible for the other team to get the ball. How a team responds to a fumble is very important. Good teams will get back up again and play the game even harder. The best teams will not let a fumble determine the outcome of the game.

Today we are going to look at a major fumble in Peter’s life. Let’s take a look at a time when Peter really dropped the ball . . .

Read Mark 14:66-72. How did Peter “fumble” in this passage? How did he feel after he did this? Have you ever been in a situation where you were tempted to deny Jesus? What did you do?

To Do: When people go to football games, they often make signs or posters that they hold up during the game to cheer on their team. Make a poster today to encourage yourself to GET BACK UP AGAIN and to always STAND for Jesus!

Here’s a fun video to remind you that if you fumble and drop the ball, you need to get back up again and keep living for Jesus!

Day Three – The Running Play

Sometimes teams “run the ball”. That is, they give the ball to someone and that person takes off running as fast as they can towards the goal. They run through whatever obstacle is ahead of them, never giving up until they are tackled or until they make it to the goal for a touchdown.

Peter also had a time when he ran — it was after Jesus rose from the dead. Peter heard that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, so he ran to the tomb to see for himself. Let’s read about it today.

Read Luke 24:12. What did Peter see when he arrived at the tomb? What do you think Peter was feeling at this moment?

To Do: Peter ran to the tomb and, when he got there, the tomb was empty. Make an empty tomb craft or snack today.

Day Four – The Field Goal

A team will often attempt a field goal when they are not sure they will be able to score a touchdown. In this play, they are close enough to kick the ball over the goalpost — and if they are able to do this, they get 3 points. The kicker has an important job to do — his kick can add points to the scoreboard and help win the game.

Peter had an opportunity for a field goal shortly after his fumble and running play. After Jesus rose from the dead, he had a private conversation with Peter where he not only gave him an important job to do, but he gave him this job 3 times! (Get it? 3 . . . like the field goal is 3 points) 🙂

Read John 21:15-17. What did Jesus tell Peter to do? Why do you think he told him three times? (Remember what happened during his fumble). What job does Jesus have for YOU to do?

To Do: Make a football field goal craft. Make several little footballs and write one way you can share the love of Jesus with others on the back of each football.

Day Five – The Huddle

During a football huddle, the team gathers around the quarterback to receive instructions about the next play. The quarterback tells them what they need to do.

Peter took on the role of quarterback after Jesus went up to heaven. He shared God’s words with anyone who would listen and often many, many people gathered around to hear God’s instructions. Today we are going to read about one such huddle.

Read Acts 2:14, 36-41. What did Peter tell the people in his huddle? What was the response? How can you share Jesus with the people in your huddle?

To Do: Pray for those people in your life who don’t know Jesus. Look for ways to share Jesus with them. Perhaps you might want to invite them to church or to a superbowl party where you can share the love of Jesus with them while watching football! Make invitations to give out inviting your friends to church.

Day Six – The Touchdown

Every team wants to score as many touchdowns as they can! This is when they get the ball in the endzone for six points. Touchdowns are exciting to watch (if it’s your team that scores) and the team that scores the most touchdowns is usually the team that wins.

Our last passage in the life of Peter shows a pretty cool touchdown moment. In this story, Peter is in the middle of the opposing team but, with God’s help, he is able to sneak past the guards and into the endzone where his team is waiting for him. Let’s read about it now . . .

Read Acts 12:1-17. How did Peter get past the guards? What was the response of the people when Peter reached the house? Have you ever seen God do something exciting in your life? Tell someone about it!

To Do: Act out this passage! Then make football cookies and share them with someone else — while you share what you learned this week with them, too!


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