June Prayer Calendar for Children

Welcome to the month of June! Here is this month’s prayer calendar with 30 ideas to help guide your prayers this month! Don’t forget to pick up more free prayer journal pages, your prayer guide for parents, as well as the summer Bible reading plan for 2017!

Have a great month and keep praying BIG!


prayer calendar june

June 2019 Prayer Calendar (printable pdf)

Praying Around the World

1. Let’s start our prayer tour of the world this month in the country of Afghanistan.

2. Today, let’s pray for the country of Bosnia.

3. Today, let’s pray for the Dominican Republic.

4. Today, let’s pray for Ethiopia.

5. Today, let’s pray for Germany.

6. Spend today praising God for His work around the world. How have you seen Him work in different countries? How about in your own country? Have you heard any stories from missionaries about how God has been working? Read one of the stories found here and then praise God for His amazing work!

Praying for Your Country

7. Pray for the leaders of your country. Pray for unity in decision making and that godly decisions will be made. Pray for the protection of your leaders and their families and for Jesus followers to be placed in positions to make a difference in your country.

8. Pray for any area that divides your country right now. Pray that people will listen to one another and respond to each other in love. Pray that all people will seek God and do what He says.

9. Pray for the Colleges and Universities in your country. Pray for college students to seek God and for college professors to teach Truth.

10. Pray for the media in your country. Pray for them to report true facts and to report what is important and not their own opinions.

11. Pray for immigrants in your country. Pray that they will experience the love of Jesus in their lives.

12. Pray for any issues your country is facing right now. What is happening in the news? Spend time praying for the major news items in your country today. Use a newspaper to help you or find some ideas here.

Praise Day

13. Spend time today praising God for His love to you. He loved you so much that He sent Jesus! He knows your name and all about you. He created you and has a plan for your life! Isn’t that amazing to think about?

Praying for Your Community

14. Pray for your community leaders. Pray for their families. Pray for the decisions they make on a daily basis, and, most importantly, pray that they will know Jesus!

15. Pray for the day care providers in your community. Pray that they will love the kids in their care and have the strength to make it through each day.

16. Pray for the churches in your community to work together to spread the gospel. Pray for your own local church as well.

17. Pray for any issue facing your community today.

Praying for BIG ISSUES

18. Pray for people who struggle with depression and horrible thoughts. Pray that God will show them that their lives have value and that He will help them to experience His love and peace.

19. Pray for an understanding and acceptance of the value of life from before birth to old age. Pray that people will understand that all life has value and that every life matters – even the life that has not been born yet.

20. Pray for people who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. Pray for their families as well. Pray that God will heal them and bring them to Him.

Praying for Your Family

21. Pray for your mom and dad and their relationship with Jesus. Pray for any issues that might be bothering them. Pray for them to trust God no matter what.

22. Pray for your family to be wise with how you spend money. Pray for your family to be generous and also to see God provide in amazing ways.

23. Pray for anyone in your family who is sick. Pray that God will strengthen them and help them to trust Him during this time.

24. Pray for the spiritual health of your family. Ask God to help you all to draw closer to Him this summer, and closer to each other!

Praying for Yourself

25. Pray for your relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that you will grow closer to Him each day.

26. Pray for any area where you struggle. Pray that God will help you to lean on Him in those times when you want to give in.

Praying for the Fruit of the Spirit

27. Pray for gentleness today. Pray that God will help you to give a soft answer and not to yell. Pray that He will help you to treat everyone with gentleness and compassion.

Praise Day

28. Look over the past month. How has God helped you this month? Spend time today praising Him for the ways He has been close to you all month!

Service Day

29. Find a service project to do and then do it! Perhaps you have someone in your neighborhood who needs yard work done, or perhaps you can paint at someone’s house. Look around for a way that you can serve someone and then joyfully serve!

Extra Special Praise Day

30. Let’s end this month with a fun praise activity! Get out a piece of paper and then write or draw one thing you praise God for for every letter of the alphabet! I’ll start . . . I praise God for apples! What do you praise Him for that starts with A?



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