January Prayer Calendar for Kids

A prayer guide for children for the month of January!

In this post you will find a prayer guide for children of all ages. Use the ideas on this list to help your children grow their prayer lives and learn to pray big!

May God bless you as you continue to raise children for Him!


January Prayer Calendar

Printable January Prayer Calendar 2018

1.  This is the New Year! Spend time today thanking God for new beginnings! Do you have any goals for this year? Write them down and spend time praying for them!

Praying Around the World:

2.  Let’s spend the next few days praying for different countries! First, let’s pray for the country of Brazil. Pray for the people there, the leaders, the missionaries, and anything else you can think of!

3.  Today we will pray for the country of Sri Lanka!

4.  Let’s pray for Russia today!

5. Today we will pray for Qatar!

6.  Let’s end our prayer tour of the world by praying for Hungary!

Praise Day:

7. Spend today praising God for His work around the world. How have you seen Him work in different countries? How about in your own country? Have you heard any stories from missionaries about how God has been working? Read one of the stories found here and then praise God for His amazing work!

Praying for your Country:

8. Pray today for the leaders of your country. What challenges are they facing this week? Do they know Jesus? Pray for them to seek God’s will . . . and most of all, for them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ!

9. Pray for the laws of your country. Pray that they will be upheld with justice and that any new laws will honor God. Pray for those who enforce the laws in your country.

10. Pray for the school system in your country. Pray for teachers and students and for truth to be taught. Pray for those who homeschool in your country. Pray for those who write curriculum to write it according to the truth!

11. Pray for those in your country who are poor or homeless. Pray for the organizations that work to help those who are in need. Is there a way that you can help, too? Pray about it . . . and then see if God gives you a plan of how you can help! Put that plan into action!!!

12. Pray for a spiritual revival in your country. Pray that people will seek Jesus first. Pray for those who don’t know Jesus to have a hunger for Him. Do you know anyone who doesn’t know Jesus? Pray for that person. Ask God to give you an opportunity to share Jesus with that person!

13. Pray for any issues your country is facing right now. What is happening in the news? Spend time praying for the major news items in your country today. Use a newspaper to help you or find some ideas here.

Praise Day:

14. Take a break today to spend time praising God! Praise Him for His unfailing love towards you. How have you noticed His love this week? Do you know that He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to die for you? Praise Him for Jesus!

Praying for your Community:

15. Pray today for the leaders in your community. Pray for your mayor and city council. Pray for your local law enforcement officers and fire fighters. Pray for the people who deliver your mail and pick up your garbage!

16. Pray for your neighborhood. Do you know your neighbors? Pray for them by name! Ask God to help you get to know the ones that you don’t already know! Pray for opportunities to share the love of Jesus with them! Ask God to show you one way you can reach out to your neighbors this week . . . and then do it!!!

17. Pray for all the churches in your community. Pray for the ministry staff and their families. Pray for all the churches to work together to share the love of Jesus with those in your community!

18. Pray for the hospitals and health clinics in your community. Pray for the doctors to have wisdom and the ability to do their jobs well. Pray for those who are suffering with illnesses right now. Do you know someone who is sick? Pray for that person and his/her family today!

19. Pray for the sports leagues in your community. Pray for coaches to know Jesus and for players to learn how to show good sportsmanship. If you are on a team right now, pray for your teammates and coach by name. If you are not on a sports team, choose a team you know and pray for the players of that team today.

20.  Pray for the people in your community who are going through hard times right now. Ask God to show you ways that you can help them, and pray that they will seek out Jesus during these times.

Special Day:

21. Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday! Spend time today praying that people will recognize that ALL life has value.

Praise Day:

22. Spend today praising God for the fact that He is sovereign. He is in control of all things! Even though it sometimes seems like the world is out of control, God is STILL IN CHARGE! Thank Him for how he has helped you through the crazy times in this world and thank Him that someday every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Praying for your family:

23.  Pray today for the members of your immediate family. Pray for your mom and dad and any brothers or sisters you have. Pray for their relationship with God. Pray that they will seek God and follow Him with their whole lives! Pray for your relationship with each one of them. Pray that you will treat each one of them the way that God wants you to!

24. Pray today for your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Pray for each one of them to have a personal relationship with God. Pray for any health or financial needs they may have. Pray for their relationships with one another and with you.

25. Pray today for any problems your family is currently facing. What is causing your family to worry? Ask God to take care of it! Ask God to give you all His peace through whatever is going on. Is everything going great? Spend time thanking God for that!

26. Pray today for the impact of your family in your neighborhood, community and world. Pray for God to use your family to reach lost people for Him. Pray for opportunities for your family to share the love of Jesus with those around you. Ask God to guide your family and to take you right where He wants you to be!

Praying for Yourself:

27. Pray today for your own relationship with Jesus. Ask God to help you grow closer to Him each day. Pray for courage to do the things that you know you should, even when those things are hard to do! Pray for one area you really struggle with and for God to help you in that area.

Praise Day:

28. Spend time today praising God for His POWER. Look for examples of God’s power in your life and in the world around you! Draw a picture of something that displays God’s power!

Praying for the Fruit of the Spirit:

29. Pray today for the fruit of PATIENCE in your life! What does it mean to be patient? When is it hard for you to be patient? Ask God to help you to learn to be patient with those around you!

30. Pray today for the fruit of KINDNESS in your life! Are you a kind person? How can you show kindness to those around you? Ask God to help you to be kind to all people. Is there someone that it is really hard for you to be kind to? Pray for that person today!

End of the Month Reflection:

31. Think back over this past month. How did you see God answer prayer this month? How was your prayer life this past month? How did you do with your New Year’s Goals? Spend time today thanking God for helping you grow this past month, and ask Him to help you continue to grow in the next month.



Author: Cheri Gamble

Cheri Gamble is a minister's wife and mom to five boys who lives in Southwestern Lower Michigan. She and her husband, Tom, have been married for over twenty years and they have been involved with vocational ministry for just as long. Cheri is the author of over 15 books including devotionals and hands-on Bible Curriculum. She enjoys serving the children and youth at her church as a Sunday School teacher, children's worship leader, and children's music and drama leader. She also works as the Project Manager at the local Pregnancy Resource Center. In her free time, Cheri enjoys reading, writing, working on her blog, and watching football with her boys.

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