May 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children

This post contains a prayer calendar for children for the month of May — a different prayer idea for each day of the month!  The calendar follows the outline given in the Lord’s Prayer and is intended to help our children learn to pray BIG!  The prayers of our children can have a huge impact . . . let’s get them praying in the month of May!

At the end of the month, please come back and print off the Summer Bible Reading Plan for children!  There will be a plan for independent readers, as well as one for younger children.  This year’s theme is “The Call”, and your children will be challenged to answer God’s call on their lives in ten different areas, including the call to follow, the call to go, the call to testify, the call to be bold, the call to be different and the call to stand.  I hope your family will join us for an exciting summer of spiritual growth!

And be sure to head over to get your own prayer calendar and list for the 365 Days of Praying for Your Children challenge.  You can find that list here:

Also, I would like to invite you to join our facebook group, “Raising Godly Kids”.  This is a place where you will find ideas, encouragement, and accountability as you raise godly kids in today’s society.

raising godly kids facebook groupAnd, as always, if you enjoy the May 2015 Prayer Calendar for Children, please share this post with your friends so they can get their kids praying, too!

Have a great May and KEEP PRAYING!


May 2015 prayer calendar for children May Prayer Calendar for Children (printable pdf)

1 Pray for the temptation to always want more and more things!
2 Take a prayer walk around your neighborhood.
3 Jehovah Jireh – God our provider – praise God for how He provides for His people!
4 Pray for the missionaries in the Dominican Republic.
5 Pray for the police officers in your community and world wide.
6 Pray for your mom today.
7 Ask God to search your heart and show you any area where you need forgiveness.
8 Pray for the temptation to grumble and complain!
9 Make a special card for your mom. Spend extra time praying for her!
10 God is our Father – Praise God that He loves us and cares for us!
11 Pray for the missionaries in Russia.
12 Pray for the Christian camping ministry and for God’s spirit to move in camps this summer!
13 Pray for your dad today.
14 Pray for the forgiveness or your nation.
15 Pray for the temptation to rush through your work.
16 Read your Bible to a little brother, sister, or friend.
17 El-Olam – The Everlasting God. Praise God that He is Eternal!
18 Pray for the persecuted Christians world wide.
19 Pray for your local church and the people who serve there. Pray for your church to grow!
20 Pray for your closest friends by name.
21 Pray for those who are unwilling to forgive.
22 Pray for the temptation to be mean to others.
23 Plant flowers in your neighborhood today.
24 Jehovah Sabbaoth – God is the commander of the armies of Heaven!
25 Pray for the armed forces and for revival to break out among our service men and women.
26 Pray for your nation’s veterans.
27 Pray for any personal need you have today.
28 Pray for God to give you a forgiving spirit.
29 Pray for God to help you resist your greatest temptation.
30 Visit to print off your Summer Bible Reading Plan and June prayer calendar!
31 Jehovah M’Kaddesh – Praise God that He cleans us up!


Sunday: Discovering and praising God for His Name/Attributes: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Your Name”
Monday/Tuesday: Praying for God’s will in specific areas: “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”
Wednesday: Praying for people who are close to you: “Give us today our daily bread”
Thursday: Concentrating on forgiveness: “And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”
Friday: Praying for areas of temptation: “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”
Saturday: Suggested activity to end the week.

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