Monday Marriage Moment: Using Your Marriage to Make a Difference

monday marriage moment

Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome to the first Monday Marriage Moment here on the blog Ministry Mom. I am so glad you have decided to stop by. Each Monday I will be blogging about marriage, so I guess you could say that “Marriage is what brings us together today.” Bonus points if you know what movie that line is from. Here’s a hint:

Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, let’s get on with this post.

Marriage is under attack. That fact really shouldn’t surprise us. After all, Marriage was the first institution that God established — it only makes sense that the enemy would try to undermine it and destroy it by any means possible. In many ways, he has succeeded. The evidence of this is all around us . . . broken marriages, destroyed families, new definitions of what marriage is. And as our marriages fall apart, our families are broken and our society begins to unravel.

It is time for us to fight back. It is time for us to stand up for marriage, to show the world that marriage is important and that it is possible to stay committed in a marriage relationship.

How do we do this? By concentrating on the only marriage we can control – our own.

Perhaps if those around us saw us living out our faith in our marriage relationships in practical, consistent ways, they would be encouraged and challenged to work on their own.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But we all know that nothing is simple about marriage.

Marriage is hard. Extremely hard. That is why it takes a commitment.

And sometimes, it takes a little extra help.

Each week in the Monday Marriage Moment, I am going to share some ideas that might provide a little extra help. Most of these ideas will be centered around prayer times and Bible studies. Next week, I will be starting a nine week series on living out the fruit of the spirit in marriage, beginning with the first fruit: love. In the meantime, here is a quick list of ideas to strengthen (or at least have fun in) your marriage this week.

1. Pray together . . . without the kids . . . and at a time other than before meals.

2. Pray for one another on your own.

3. Read the Bible together.

4. Attend church together.

5. Reminisce together about your first date . . . what originally attracted you to one another? (For added fun, share this with your kids. This really grosses out my kids, which makes it even more fun!)

6. Watch “The Princess Bride” together and discuss what true love really is. (This would be good to do before next week’s Monday Marriage Moment!!)

7. Take a walk together and HOLD HANDS. (This can also gross out the kids. To REALLY gross them out, stop every once in awhile and give each other a little kiss.)

8. Take care of one of the chores that your spouse usually handles this week – without saying anything and without expecting anything in return.

9. Brag about your spouse. (Usually we are really quick to complain about our spouses. Wouldn’t it shock everyone if instead of complaining, we praised them?)

10. Do a service project with your spouse. (It doesn’t have to be big, just find some way to serve and then do it together!)

I am so excited about the Monday Marriage Moment and I am even more excited that you are going to be a part of it! Let’s commit to making our marriages a priority, to growing together spiritually, and to having fun along the way!

momanddad1momanddad2To end this post, I thought it would be awesome to share this picture of my parents. They have been married for over 50 years and their marriage is a great example of a truly committed marriage founded on Jesus Christ.

Enjoy and I’ll see you next week!


2 thoughts on “Monday Marriage Moment: Using Your Marriage to Make a Difference

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  1. I love this post 🙂 My Fiancee told me when he gave me my ring: “This is going to be hell on earth, you realize. It’s going to be so hard. Are you sure about this” a little pessimistic maybe, but so true! So we’re going all we can to prepare 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Marriage is hard work, but it is also wonderful! You and your fiancee are smart to prepare ahead of time . .. that says a lot about both of you!

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