Storytime Plans – Russian Stories

Today we had our last week in Russia. We looked at two famous Russian stories - Peter and the Wolf and The Enormous Turnip.  Here are the plans that I used. Passport Pals: Russian Stories Welcome to Passport Pals! Let’s sing our Passport Pals song! (Come on everybody and clap your hands . . .... Continue Reading →

Storytime Plans over Ballet

The next subject we looked at in Passport Pals was ballet. The Russian ballet is very famous - and they were even touring in our area the week we did this lesson!  Here are the plans that I used for our Russian Ballet storytime. Passport Pals over Russia: Ballet Welcome! Let’s sing our song together!... Continue Reading →

February Prayer Calendar for Kids

Here is February's prayer calendar -- 29 days to help focus your child in his prayer life! If you haven't picked up the free prayer journal pages yet, please do that! You can find them here . . . and they will help your kids personalize their prayer lives even more! And, if your kids... Continue Reading →

Storytime Plans: Hockey

Today's Passport Pals was so much fun! We are still in the country of Russia, so I decided to focus on a sport that many Russians love - hockey!  The kids I had in the group today seemed to really enjoy the hockey theme and so did I! Here are the plans that I used:... Continue Reading →

Storytime Plans: Polar Bears

Our second week in Russia had us looking at polar bears! What a fun day of Passport Pals! Here are the plans I used. Passport Pals: Russia - Polar Bears Song: Come on everybody and clap your hands, stomp your feet, jump up high, spin around, sit right down, spin the globe . . .... Continue Reading →

Storytime Plans: Russia

In January, we started a new country for Passport Pals - Russia! Our first week in Russia was a basic introduction and an emphasis on the cold climate. Here are the plans that I used. Passport Pals: Russia Song: Come on everybody and clap your hands . . . stomp your feet . . .... Continue Reading →

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