Geography Club Lesson Plans Over China

The month of March had us studying China during our Geo Treckers group at the library.  We learned a lot, had a fun game, cool craft, and enjoyed a tasty snack. Here are the plans that I used: Geography Club Lesson Plans Over China As Kids enter, have them start their craft project. They should... Continue Reading →

Geography Club Plans over Italy

In February, we were in the country of Italy! Here are the plans I used for our Geography Club this month. Geography Club Plans over Italy Play Italian Music as kids enter and again as they do their craft. Use the video here: Welcome to Geo Treckers! Ciao! This month we are in the country... Continue Reading →

Geography Club Plans over England

In November, our Geography Club studied England. I planned it this way so we could also have an emphasis on Thanksgiving as our Geography club met the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Here are the plans that I used. Geo Treckers - England Welcome! Talk about England. Find on map/globe. Show flag... Continue Reading →

Geography Club Plans over France

In October, our monthly Geography Club studied the country of France! We had a great time reading books and doing projects over France. Here are the plans that I followed for this group. Geotreckers: France Welcome! Bonjour! Talk about France -- introduction, flag (I showed a picture of the flag and talked about the colors... Continue Reading →

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