A Bible Lesson for Children on the Value of Life

A free Bible lesson for preschool and elementary aged children on the value of human life. Perfect for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday!

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month.  Our children need to be taught that all life is valuable and this Bible lesson will help you do just that.  This lesson teaches that ALL PEOPLE are valuable because God made ALL PEOPLE and Jesus died for ALL PEOPLE. This lesson is best used with preschool and lower elementary children.

If you are looking for a deeper lesson on the value of life to use with your upper elementary students and teens, you can find one here.

I hope you are able to use this lesson! If you do use it, feel free to post pictures over in our  facebook group!

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Life is Special_A Bible Lesson for Children

Opening Activities:

1. Put masking tape on the floor in a circle to mark off a space that would be a small for most of your children. (If you have a wide variety of sizes represented in your kids, make several circles.) Have the kids take turns standing in the circles while you give them activities to do. Activities you might want to use include: Kick your legs, but make sure your legs don’t leave the circle; Stretch your arms out as far as you can without leaving the circle, Hop on one leg, but don’t leave the circle, etc)

When you are finished, say: You did a great job following the instructions that I gave! You used your feet and hands without ever leaving the circle! It wasn’t always easy, was it? You had such a small space!

Do you know that you once lived in a space even smaller than that? When you were still inside your mommies, you lived in a very, very, small space. Yet, you were still able to use your hands and feet! In fact, you probably jumped, stretched, and did somersaults! That’s because when you were a baby inside your mommy, you were ALIVE, just like you are now . . . with hands and feet, mouths and eyes and ears. You were special . . . just like you are now! Today we are going to talk about how ALL PEOPLE are special because GOD made ALL PEOPLE and because JESUS died for ALL PEOPLE . . . even the babies who are still inside their mommies!

2. Play your own little game of “The Price is Right”. Put up different items and have your kids “bid” on what each item costs. Record the bids and then reveal the correct answers. Another variation is to put two items side by side and have the kids guess which one costs the most money. The last item you show should be a human being.

Say: This human being is worth WAY more than any of the other items! In fact, you can’t really put a dollar amount on a human’s life! God made the person, which makes this person INCREDIBLY valuable! Not only that, but the cost for this person was another life – the life of Jesus Christ. GOD made ALL PEOPLE and Jesus died for ALL PEOPLE. Therefore, ALL PEOPLE are extremely valuable!

The Lesson:

Begin by showing kids pictures of ultrasounds. This would be even neater if you are able to arrange ahead of time to get ultrasounds of some of the kids in your class. Point out the different parts of the baby. Say: These are all pictures of babies before they are even born. All these babies are still inside their mommas!

Guess what? These babies all have a heart that is beating! Do you have a beating heart? (Help kids put their hands over the hearts to feel their heart beat).

These babies all have hands. Do you have hands? Can you wiggle your hands? Raise your hands high in the air? Clap your hands together really fast? (have kids do each of those as you say them)

These babies all have feet. Do you have feet? Can you stomp your feet? Run in place really fast? Jump up high? (have kids do each of those as you say them)

What are some other things these babies have that you have? (Let kids discuss). These babies are a lot like you, aren’t they? They just haven’t been born yet, but they are still alive, and some day, they will be able to do all the things that you can do!

Listen to this verse from the Bible! Read Psalm 139:13-14. Who made all these babies? (God) Who made you? (God)

Yes, God made you, and, because God made you, you are VERY, VERY special! You were special when you were still inside your mommy, and you are special now!

In fact, God made EVERYONE! ALL PEOPLE are special because God made ALL PEOPLE!

Not only are you special because God made you, but you are also special because God sent JESUS to die for you! Do you know how God sent Jesus here? He sent Him here as a little baby! (show a picture of baby Jesus or piece of baby Jesus from a manger scene)

Jesus was a baby! That means he spent time inside his mommy! He had two hands (have kids stretch their hands high in the sky and wiggle them) He had two feet (have kids stomp their feet) He had a tongue (tell kids to touch their tongues) He had two ears (have kids touch their ears) He was a baby, just like you were! Then he grew up, just like you are growing up. But there was one big difference between Jesus and us. Jesus NEVER did anything wrong! He ALWAYS obeyed his parents. He ALWAYS said good words. He ALWAYS did the right thing!

And, because He never did anything wrong, He was able to take the punishment for everything WE did wrong. He DIED for us! (show a picture of Jesus on the cross).

But Jesus didn’t stay dead. Three days after being buried in the tomb, He rose from the dead! He was alive again.

Let’s count to three! (count to three) Now let’s count backwards from three (count backwards from three). Jesus is no longer dead! He is now in heaven, getting ready for US! If we say we are sorry for all the wrong things we have done and decide that we want to do what Jesus wants us to do, we can be with him in heaven some day!

Jesus DIED for us! That makes us pretty special!

In fact, Jesus died for EVERYONE! That makes EVERYONE pretty special!

ALL PEOPLE are special because Jesus died for ALL PEOPLE!

Give kids an assortment of old magazines and newspapers (go through them beforehand to make sure that everything in them is appropriate for children). Have the kids go through the newspapers and cut out pictures of people. Help them glue these on a bigger piece of paper with the heading “Jesus died for . . .”. Discuss with the kids how Jesus died for EVERY PERSON, no matter what they look like, how much money they have, the clothes they wear, where they live, etc. Say: God made ALL PEOPLE and Jesus died for ALL PEOPLE . . . that makes all people pretty special and worth a whole lot!!

AND Jesus wants ALL PEOPLE to follow him! Let’s pray for that right now. End by praying for people all over the world to follow Jesus. (It would also be neat to pray for the people that are on the posters that you recognize . . . celebrities, local people from the news, etc. If you or your kids know who any of the people on the posters are, have them pray for those people by name.)

Additional Activities:

1. Have a baby shower for a local pregnancy resource center. Encourage kids to bring in diapers, wipes, or baby clothes that will be donated to the center and given away to their clients.

2. Have the kids fill out a “God made me special” printable.

3. Beforehand, prepare sugar cookies (or another snack that can be easily adaptable). Then provide the kids with different colored frosting and help them frost the cookies, using a different color for each one. Say: Each of these cookies looks different because you used different colored frosting. However, they were all made by the same person (ME), and I know that they all will taste exactly the same (Super delicious!). In the same way, people might look different from one another – they might have different colored hair, eyes, or skin – but they were all made by the same person (GOD) and they are all SPECIAL! (Let the kids eat a cookie if they’d like).

4. Give kids a variety of fruit (grapes, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, etc). Instruct them to make a person out of their fruit, but don’t give any other direction. Walk around the group, commenting on what they are creating and giving them praise for their work. Let some of the kids share their creations with the group. Then say: You guys all did a great job making your people! You know what I like about this? None of your creations look exactly the same! Each person looks different! Yet, you had the same food to use to make your people . . . and they still turned out different from one another! Even though your creations are all different, they are made out of the same food and they will all taste SUPER GOOD!!! That’s just how it is with people! We all look different from one another, but we were all made out of the same stuff and we are all SUPER SPECIAL because GOD made us and JESUS died for us!

5. Draw an outline of a woman on a piece of paper. Make a “womb” by drawing a circle on the picture you drew and provide copies to all your kids. Have the kids draw a picture of a baby inside that circle. Encourage them to add eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc. Talk about how the baby inside the mom is alive, just like they are! Have the kids draw a mouth, nose, eyes, ears and hair on the woman as well. Talk about how the woman is also special. Say: Both the baby and the mommy are super special. Why? Because GOD made both of them and because Jesus died for both of them! ALL PEOPLE are special and God wants ALL PEOPLE to follow Him!

6. Sing “We All Bleed the Same” by Mandisa (or play it in the background while kids are working on their projects)



Journeying Through James: A Bible Reading Plan for Young Children (James Chapter Three)

Check out this Bible reading plan for young children over the book of James!

Welcome to Part Three of Journeying through James for young children!  We are continuing our Bible reading right where we left off . . . on James Chapter 3.

If you are new here, you might want to start your child with James Chapter One.  If you have older kids, you can find their plan here.

This Bible reading plan is based on The Book of James: A Hands-on Homeschool Curriculum.  If you homeschool your children and you want a deeper study, check it out for a more intense yet fun hands-on and highly applicable study.

There is also a special group study that goes along with these readings.  This is perfect for families who want  a deeper once-a-week fun family Bible time or for children’s workers who are ministering to children in a group setting.  I am writing this curriculum for use with the children and teen ministry at the church where my husband and I serve.  It is what we are currently using for our youth program and it contains ideas for games, detailed lesson times with life applications, and additional activities that include craft and snack ideas.  I am making this available for you to use with your family or church and you can download it as a pdf here.  If this sounds interesting to you, but you want to see what a lesson is like first, you can find a sample lesson here.

And, if you are participating in the Bible reading plans, you are welcome to join our facebook group for more encouragement, accountability and ideas as you raise godly children in today’s society.

And now here is the Bible reading plan for James Chapter Three!

James Three Bible Reading Plan for Young Children

 Journeying Through James Chapter Three Printable pdf

Week Seventeen: James 3:1-2

___ Day One: James 3:1-2. Verse 2 says that we all stumble in many ways. That means that we all do things that are wrong and make mistakes. What are some things that you do that you know you shouldn’t? Have fun helping your child learn verse 2 today. Read this verse to him as he tries to do several activities without “stumbling”. Can he repeat the verse after you as he hops on one foot? How about while spinning around in circles? Try as many actions as you can to see if he can keep from stumbling! (NOTE: Be sure you explain to your child what this verse means by stumbling before you begin your fun “stumbling” exercises!).

___ Day Two: Jeremiah 1:4-8. God had a special plan for Jeremiah! God wanted Jeremiah to speak God’s Words to the people around him . . . and Jeremiah obeyed and did what God wanted him to do. God has something special for you, too! Will you obey what God wants you to do no matter what it might be? Help your child make a craft to show that he will obey God. Cut a heart out of construction paper. Have him write his name at the top of the heart and then write the words “Obeys God” under his name. Give him stickers, buttons, crayons, markers, glitter, or anything else you have on hand and let him decorate the heart. It might also be fun to add a picture of him or let him draw a self portrait in the heart as well! Attach the heart to a craft stick and let him hold it up like a sign!

___ Day Three: Matthew 23:11-12. Matthew 23 is full of descriptions of bad teachers! If your child is old enough, you might want to skim through it with him and talk about the way the teachers were trying to make themselves look good – but they really didn’t care much about loving people as God wanted them to. Stress that God wants us to love Him and share His love with others, and one way we can do this is by being a servant! Help your child come up with some practical ways that he can serve those in his own family today!

Here’s a great song to sing with your child about being a servant:


___ Day Four: 1 Timothy 3:1-2. A person who teaches others about Jesus needs to live like Jesus! Make a special craft with your child to help him think of the qualities that he should have in his life in order to be like Jesus! Make an outline of a cross on a piece of paper. Then give your child several old puzzle pieces. On the blank side of the puzzle pieces, write words that he provides that describe how he can be like Jesus (for example: love others, be kind, share, obey, etc.) Then have him glue the puzzle pieces in the outline of the cross. Let him decorate the rest of the page and encourage him to be like Jesus every day!

___ Day Five: James 3:1-2. Help your child make a card for one of the leaders or teachers from your church. Be sure to give the completed card to that leader!

Week Eighteen (James 3:3-5)

___ Day One: James 3:3-5. Our tongue can get us in a lot of trouble! Sometimes we say things that we shouldn’t, don’t we? Make a tongue snack today to remind you of how important it is to control your tongue!

___ Day Two: Daniel 4:28-33. King Nebuchadnezzar made some pretty big boasts with his tongue, didn’t he? What happened to him? God humbled him to the point of EATING GRASS! Make some green spagetti today to remind you of what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar!

___ Day Three: Acts 12:20-23. What happened to King Herod? Why? Make a worm craft today or eat a snack of gummy worms to remind you of what happened to King Herod. Find some great ideas here.

___ Day Four: 2 Corinthians 10:12-18. The only time it is okay to boast is when you are boasting about JESUS and what He has done for you! Spend time today BOASTING about JESUS!!! Here’s a great song to help you sing about how GREAT is our GOD!


___ Day Five: James 3:3-5. Use your tongue for good this week. Visit an elderly neighbor and spend time talking with her and building her up!

Week Nineteen (James 3:6-8)

___ Day One: James 3:6-8. Do you ever say things you shouldn’t? Do you ever feel like your tongue is out of control – saying words that you know you shouldn’t say and hurting other people? God can help you say the right words! Ask Him to help you TAME your TONGUE today! Here is a fun song to sing to help you remember to keep your tongue from evil:


___ Day Two: Genesis 11:1-9. God gave us all different languages at the Tower of Babel . . . but He doesn’t tell us WHAT to say! We are the ones who decide what we should say! What are some things that we SHOULD say? Draw a large tower on a piece of paper and then cover it with words that are nice to say (such as “I love you”, “Thank you,” “Please”, “I’m sorry,” etc.) You could also write these words on the side of blocks and then make a large tower with those blocks, saying each word as you add it to the tower. Then, talk about how one bad word can really hurt other people and tear them down! Knock down the tower to demonstrate this!

___ Day Three: Matthew 12:33-37. The words we say are VERY important! Show your child two fruits – one that is rotten and one that is fresh. Would you like to eat a rotten fruit or a fresh, ripe fruit? Guess what? When we say bad words, we are like this rotten fruit – yucky and needing to be thrown out! But God can help us control our tongues and say good words, and, when we do that, we are like this fresh, ripe fruit that everyone wants! Eat a nice snack of fresh fruit together.

___ Day Four: Colossians 4:6 & Ephesians 4:29. What do these verses tell you about your speech? Your words can either be like SALT, where they serve a good purpose and “taste” good, or they can be like poison, where they hurt the ones who hear them. Which kind of words do you speak the most? Make a salt painting today to remind you that your speech should be like SALT and not POISON!

___ Day Five: James 3:6-8. Use your tongue to build people up this week!!! Practice saying words that are GOOD and KIND, and then make sure that you say those GOOD and KIND words to others!
Make a fun snack that uses salt as a seasoning to remind you of how GOOD your words should taste! A great snack to make would be a pretzel. Find a recipe here.

Week Twenty (James 3:9-12)

___ Day One: James 3:9-12. Any time we are mean to other people or say mean things to other people, we are cursing men. People were made in the image of God and we need to treat them that way! Make your own veggie people snack and discuss how people are special creations of God!

___ Day Two: Genesis 1:26-31. When God created people, He created them special! They were created to be above everything else that was created. They were the ONLY ones created in God’s image! How should knowing this affect the way we treat other people? Have your child sit in a chair in the middle of the room. Then give everyone else sticky notes and a pen. Everyone needs to write one thing that is special about that child on the sticky notes and then stick the sticky notes on the child. Let every child in your family have an opportunity to sit in the chair . . . and give yourself that same opportunity! Emphasize the importance of blessing people and not cursing them!

___ Day Three: Luke 6:39-45. Our heart controls what we say! What kinds of things are you putting in your heart? Draw a large heart on a piece of paper. Then “fill” that heat with pictures or words that illustrate what we should fill our heart with. End the activity by eating a bunch of candy hearts!

___ Day Four: Proverbs 18:21. Your tongue can bring forth both life and death! What do you think this means? Our words can HURT people or HELP people. Which kinds of words do you use? Sing this song (start at 44 seconds for the verse that relates to this week):


___ Day Five: James 3:9-12. Make a poster encouraging people to use their tongues to build up and not to tear down!

Week Twenty-One (James 3:13-15)

___ Day One: James 3:13-15. Did you know that when you have good behavior, you show that you are wise? What are some ways that you can have good behavior? Make a “helping hands” book. Trace your child’s hands on several pieces of construction paper. On each hand, have your child write, draw, or glue pictures of ways he can do good. Punch a hole in each hand and let your child put yarn or ribbon through it and tie it together to make a little book. Read through the book together, emphasizing that one way we show we have wisdom is by the way we behave.

___ Day Two: 1 Samuel 25:2-42. This is a long passage of Scripture that tells the story of David, Nabal, and Abigail. You might not be able to read the whole thing with your child. Here is a video that tells the story:


Abigail showed her wisdom by her kind and gentle response to King David. You can show wisdom by being kind and gentle, too! Make a “hug” craft to give away as a way to be kind.

___ Day Three: Acts 5:1-11. Ananias and Sapphira were not very wise! They were selfish and they lied! Being wise means always telling the truth! Make this telling the truth craft from Crafting the Word of God.

___ Day Four: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. Some people think that the CROSS is foolish . . . but we know that it is the CROSS that makes us wise. Spend time thanking God for the message of the cross today. Make a cross snack and share it with a friend!

___ Day Five: James 3:13-15. Are you a wise person? Show it by your good behavior! Make sure that your behavior shows that you are wise this week (and always)!

Week Twenty-Two (James 3:16-18)

___ Day One: James 3:16-18. What kind of fruit are you sowing? Does your life have the qualities of wisdom that are listed in these verses, or are you growing something else? Ask God to help you grow good things!! Make a fruit salad today as you talk about the fruits of wisdom!

___ Day Two: Genesis 4:3-8. Cain was jealous of Abel and acted in a way that was certainly not wise. He let his jealousy take over and, as a result, disorder ruled – just like James said! What are some things we can do to help us not be ruled by sin? Draw a picture of several fruits and on each fruit, draw or write one way that you can keep sin from ruling in your life. Cut them out and put them together to form your own picture of a fruit salad!

___ Day Three: Matthew 7:15-20. What kind of tree are you? Are you producing good fruits or bad? How can you produce good fruits? Make a fruit tree craft today.

___ Day Four: Galatians 5:22-23. Here’s another verse that talks about the fruit that we should have in our lives. What are they? Sing this fruit of the Spirit song:


Play fruit of the Spirit bingo.

___ Day Five: James 3:16-18. Make a fruit basket and deliver it to a neighbor or another person who could use the encouragement. Let it remind you to work on the FRUITS of wisdom in your own life!

And to end James Chapter Three, here is the video my boys made.  This time I was gone when they made it . . . this is TOTALLY their creation.  Watch at your own risk.


Are you finished with James Chapter Three?  It’s time to begin James Chapter Four!

The Book of James: A Hands-On Homeschool CurriculumJourneying Through James Bible Reading Plan