Giving Thanks — When It’s Really Hard to Be Thankful

She started losing her hair on Thanksgiving weekend. It had been a tough autumn. Unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer, she had seen life as she knew it drastically change. The mundane tasks of working and raising a family were replaced with the fatigue and nausea of chemotherapy. Every day was a challenge and the accompanying emotions... Continue Reading →

Mud Pits and River Banks: A Devotion Just for Kids

Do you have a child in your house?    Today I have something special just for him!  Following is a devotion written for kids (although you adults might enjoy it, too).  So, gather your children around and spend a little time with them looking at an Old Testament Passage in a slightly different way. NOTE:  This... Continue Reading →

A Plea to the Church in America

What is wrong with us? I can't get the picture out of my mind. 21 Egyptian Christians. Killed. Because they were Christians. I try to write, but all I can do is stare at the screen. Hundreds of thoughts scream in my head, but the screen in front of me remains blank. How can I... Continue Reading →

All These Things: Testimonies of God’s Provision

Being in ministry has many rewards – a huge paycheck is not usually one of them. There are times when it can be very tight financially, but God always takes care of His people. This article contains several amazing testimonies of God's provision for His people.

Chosen: 3 Special Adoption Stories

November is National Adoption Month. Won't you take a moment to read about three different adoption stories -- 1 that took place over 2,000 years ago, 1 that took place nearly 14 years ago, and 1 that could take place today!

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